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Momok The Movie

Mimi Rahzia

Monday, September 28, 2009

'Momok: Brunei actresses' big break' - Borneo Bulletin

Mell Mazelan (left) with another Brunei actress Mimi Rahzia during the movie premiere. Mimi decides to appear as her character during the event.
By Rosli Abidin Yahya

Two aspiring Brunei actresses, Mell Mazelan and Mimi Rahzia, appeared in the Malaysian movie, Momok The Movie, which is currently being shown in cinemas throughout Malaysia and Brunei since the first day of Hari Raya Aidilfitri. Mell who plays the character of "Hantu Pocong" and Mimi Rahzia "Hantu Sampuk", marked the actresses' first appearances in the silver screen. Both stars have been active in local and Malaysian dramas as well as hosting various programmes in both countries.

The debut of the movie also marked the return of film-making, M Jamil, the son of silver screen icon Datuk Sarimah Ahmad and the most promising actor at the Second Malaysian Film Festival in 1982, who is once again donning his movie-maker's cap, after a 15-year hiatus.

Mell said she is thrilled with her first film and looked forward to more offers. "During the premiere of 'Momok The Movie' at TGV Mines, Seri Kembangan, many people in the industry including film directors liked my acting. "A film producer, David Teo, asked for my profile, to offer me parts for future films," she said. "Momok The Movie is my first major starring role, and it's an honour to work with Jamil and Sarimah, who are a brilliant mother-and-son team," she added.
Meanwhile, Mimi said the experience she obtained from acting at her first silver screen was terrific.

Momok The Movie is the story of Adlin (Faizal) who returns to his village in Temerloh, Pahang, for a holiday and to visit Pak Ajis' (Datuk Aziz Sattar) stall. Joined by close friend Kadir (Abon, who also starred in Momok), Adlin learns about vampires and ghosts with names like "pontianak", "pocong", "orang bunian", "sampuk", zombies and the mohini of Indian folklore. Along the way, strange things start to unravel where Adlin discovers that there is more to the ghost-loving hawker than we know.
Momok The Movie is produced by Jamil's company, Galaksi Seni and is supported by the Malaysian National Film Corporation (Finas) and producer, David Teo's company MIG. Its patron is Tengku Mahkota Pahang Tengku Abdullah Sultan Ahmad Shah.


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  2. mimi sesekali bawa aktiviti dalam hutan tengook... baru lah gempak.. dlm bandar biasa lah dari

  3. i wish they could imbue some *realism* into malay movies with fantasy genre.

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  5. Seram kowt...huhu.... why they didnt make the ghost pretty??? huhu... btw join my giveaway contest and get RM50 for FREEEEE.....


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