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"Dare to live the life you have dreamed for yourself. Go forward and make your dreams come true, you can do it"- By Yong Hau & Jess, on their way to Alaska they send the postcard to me.(6th June 2008)

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Thursday, May 8, 2008

Drama "CInta Gila"- Astro Prima


15th April 2008
Guest Artist as 'Nadira' for Drama Series "CINTA GILA" as a photo shoot model for Astro Prima, produced by Global Station Sdn Bhd, directed by Amie Maziah, acted together with Rita Rudiani, Aaron Aziz, Aida Aris and Zul HandyBlack.

Me n Papa- Make up Artist, really like his make up..

Ju- wardrobe

Intan- conty and the director- Mak Mi

26th April 2008
Shooting kat Pantai di Port Dickson.... stayed there for 3 days.

Mak Mi and her daughter Kaseh, such a beautiful name

The weather was really nice, it felt like as if im having a holiday....

Artists and crew

Me n Kaseh

I really like the hair do

Aida Aris, Zul HandyBlack, Mimi Rahzia

Me and the director- Mak Mi

Aaron Aziz

Zul HandyBlack

Me n Eoon- Thanks Eoon for taking lots of pictures for me

Kak Didie Alias- our PM

Mimi Rahzia and Aaron Aziz

Papa.. such a creative person, I wouldn't knoe wat to do without him... all my pareo, Papa yang tolong pakaikan. Thx Pa, Love u!!

Rita Rudiani

Bg Syam, Adam, Rita and Eoon

27th April 2007- Wrapped Party, Mak Mi belanja kitaorang semua makan buffet, suasananya sangat meriah....makanan pun happening giler, each of us kene beli hadiah sebab nanti ada sesi bertukar-tukar hadiah...

Kak Didie n Rita

Aaron and Wifey

Kak Didie- Emcee of the night

Mak Mi dapat hadiah cabutan undi dari Aaron Aziz

Dan teka ape hadiahnye? jeng jeng jeng.... hehehe, kotex n ubat nyamuk and rm 50, naughty naughty Aaron!

My turn...

I got games...from one of the crew

the most controversial gift from Rita.... UNDIES, everybody couldn't stop laughing

The luckiest of all, the cameramen... got RM200 cash from Mak Mi

He got my present!!!

Beras and Syrup.... supply for one month... in case takde job lepas ni hahaha.

N cute little Kaseh got Kitty Pillow



  1. sis.. rmai gak user masuk blog sis nieh.. tpi x komen.. xpe2.. i'll drop some comment.. ehehhe... link blog saya leh x? ehehe..

  2. ade shooting kat pd...kalau tahu, i gi ngada2 tengok u kat sana...hehehehehe...pepun....u makin cantik la....

  3. Salam,

    Drama bersiri Tangisan Bulan Madu di TV2 mulai 20 & 21 Mei jam 9 malam (slot Ratu).

    Selamat menonton.


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